Why are we building JustFamily?

Because family needs its own place

There are lots of ways to share “what’s happening now” with friends and the world. But family is different. Family is the only social circle that cares about the past, the present and the future. We’re building JustFamily so families can collect their stories in a private place away from work and friends. We think family needs its own place.

There are moments we don’t want to forget

A few months ago my three-year-old son Declan found a camping headlamp somewhere in the house. All excited he ran up to me, clicked it on, and said “Daddy! I see in cave. I hold you hand.” I wanted to freeze time. As the father of 7 great kids, I collect amazing moments like that all the time. Those are the stories I don’t want to forget.

There are things we don’t want to lose

My Grandpa Quigley was raised in the mountain west. He loved the outdoors, and he became a forest ranger like his father. He also had an amazing baritone voice. As a lullaby, he would sing "Home on the Range" to his kids. Years later he sang it to me and my cousins. Now we sing it to our kids. That song connects our suburbanite families to a meaningful part of our past and helps us remember who we are.

At Grandpa’s funeral, someone played a recording of him singing "Home on the Range" that none of us knew existed. It was incredible to hear his voice again. Unfortunately, the tape disappeared after the funeral somehow. That recording held a story we didn’t want to lose. A few months later, we started hacking together the first prototype of JustFamily.

A few months later, we started hacking together the first prototype of JustFamily.

Because we need to collect our family stories

Family is the only social circle that cares about the past, the present, and the future.

We aren’t around the same kitchen table every night, but we still want a private place where we can share our lives together as family. And we want to know that we’re preserving our family stories in a way that will allow us to enjoy and celebrate them for generations to come.

That’s why we’re building JustFamily.

Nate Quigley
Co-founder and CEO

Who Is the JustFamily Team?

JustFamily today is made up of dads who think technology can help solve big problems. We’re headquartered in the engineering-rich sands of Florida’s Space Coast.

  • Nate Quigley | @njquigley

    Hopelessly nostalgic husband and father of 7. Amazing parents and 2 siblings spread out across the country. 82 aunts, uncles, and cousins. Huge in-law clan: 62 and counting.

    CEO type. Harvard MBA. Third-time entrepreneur.

  • Steve Bentz | @bntzer

    Ohio boy married to Florida girl, raising 3 sun-soaked Florida kids. Family and 24 in-laws are proud Ohioans. You can call him "Le Bientz."

    University of Florida Engineering hacker. Has built all kinds of cool stuff the past 15 years.

  • Alex Dossey | @adoss

    Texan. Married with 3 Texan kids. Texan parents and 3 Texan siblings still fly the Lone Star outside Austin. Somehow convinced Northerner in-law family of 5 that this was OK. Nickname at JF: “Tex.”

    Abilene Christian University CS grad. A developer in the most Ballmerian sense.

  • Anthony Lagoon | @alagoon

    Pixel-pushing Apple fan boy from Utah. Married with 2 overly energetic Weimaraners.

    A product designer dedicated to making pixel-perfect designs that solve real problems.

  • Anthony Calzadilla | @clzd

    Devoted husband and father of 2. Obsessed with everything internet. Sometimes uses CSS3 animation to make cartoons just for fun.

    Lives 10 minutes from South Beach yet hasn't visited it in years.

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