Frequently Asked Questions

What is JustFamily?

JustFamily is a shared photo library and family journal designed to help parents collect, safeguard, organize and enjoy their family memories.

You can access your JustFamily memories on the web and on your iPhone. You can also upload photos and videos easily using the Mac Uploader or the Windows Uploader.

Sharing memories with family and close friends inside of JustFamily is simple, private and secure. You can also share a memory beyond JustFamily to Facebook, Twitter or email with just a couple taps.

What does it cost?

JustFamily pricing is based on storage capacity.

You can get started with a free account that will allow you to store up to 1 GB of photos and videos. This typically means you’ll be able to upload and store between 400 - 500 photos.

If you decide you want to store more photos at JustFamily you’ll have two options. A 100 GB account costs $5.99 per month. Most families will be able to store all of their photos and videos using the 100 GB plan. This plan will allow for something like 40,000 photos.

For families with really large photo and video libraries, we also offer a 300 GB plan for $9.99 per month. Do you have 100,000 photos? This is the plan for you.

What can I do with JustFamily?

JustFamily can help you start enjoying your family memories again. Get your photos together in one Photo Library that everyone in your household can find and enjoy. Capture memories and thoughts in a shared family Journal. Curate photo events together to gather the best photos from family events into shared Collections.

Easily send photos to Walgreens for 1-hour printing and enlargements. Stay close to extended family members as you share photos and journal entries in a private place that’s just for family

What happened today that you don’t want to forget?

How do I upload photos and videos to JustFamily?

You can add photos and videos to JustFamily directly from your iPhone using the JustFamily iPhone app. You can upload photos from your Camera Roll and other albums, and you can also import photos from Instagram and Facebook

To upload photos and videos stored on your computers or backup storage drives, you can login to the JustFamily web app at or you can download and use our Uploader apps for either Mac or Windows

Do I need to worry about duplicate photos?
Nope, don't worry about duplicates. Our software detects and hides duplicates so you don't have to worry about it. If you do find 'a dupe', please let us know so we can keep improving our algorithm.
How do I connect to other family members?

Just like in real life, there are two types of family members in JustFamily. In short, there are the people you live with and then the people who come to visit from time to time. In JustFamily, we use the labels “Household Members” and “Other Family” to make this distinction.

You can read more about the distinction between Household Members and Other Family in this blog post

You invite other family members to join you at JustFamily by tapping the “MyFamily” button in the top right of the “Me” section of JustFamily. Then invite family members, whether Household Members or Other Family, to join you by tapping the “+Person” icon next to the appropriate header in the MyFamily list

How is storage space shared between family members?

Because you share a common Photo Library and Family Journal with your Household Members, you also share storage space with them. Here’s a simple example of how that works:

You, your spouse and your two kids living at home all join JustFamily and sign up for free accounts. Each of you therefore receive 1 GB of storage space free. When the four of you connect as Household Members, your storage space is combined so that you jointly share 4 GB of storage space together. Then, when one of you upgrades to a premium 100 GB account those additional GB are added to your shared storage capacity.

The four members of your Household now share 104 GB of storage space

How do I manage my JustFamily Account and Subscription?

If you have any questions or concerns about any matter related to your JustFamily Account, please do not hesitate to email us at and we'll do everything we can to help you promptly. At JustFamily, you are the Customer. You own and control all of the content you upload to JustFamily. You're in control and we're just here to write great software and provide great service for you.

If you would like help upgrading or downgrading your subscription, downloading an archive of all your content, or deleting your account, just email us and we will contact you personally to help. Soon we'll have better "self-service" tools for each of the above actions, but for now just think of us as "at your service" and we'll help you do what you're looking to do.




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